My name is Hailey Dice. At 17, I’ve lived in the Seattle area for my entire life, just as I have always had a love for photography. The local music scene in Seattle has been amazing for me to grow and learn as a photographer, and also to learn that shooting concerts, musicians and the music lifestyle is what I absolutely love to do. Our local scene is full of wonderful, supportive people and I’ve loved working with them every single time. On top of that, I’ve had the increasing opportunity to shoot and work with large, national acts, which has been an absolute pleasure to me. There’s nothing better to me than being able to capture the energy and artistic ability of these musicians. I can’t wait to continue my work and to be able to show it to the world.

Contact / Media Information

The current best ways to contact me are through Facebook or via my email!



Instagram: dice.photography_


Currently, I shoot fully with Nikon cameras. This is how I was taught and generally what I prefer. Recently, I have been using a Nikon D750, paired with a 27-70mm lens. This rig, although it weighs more than my arm, is so much fun to use and I adore it. My original camera, my Nikon D3300 (candy apple red, of course), I usually have paired with a basic 50mm lens when shooting shows, however, it’s also my day camera and for that, I use a Nikon kit lens.


2016 TEI Warped Tour workshop with the one and only Lisa Johnson. My photos were featured in TEI’s “Life in the Pit” gallery.